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Culverstons is a full service Intellectual Property firm based in the Northern Powerhouse region of the United Kingdom, and provides services across all aspects of intellectual property including patents, designs, trade marks and copyright, as well as commercial agreements and contracts.
At the heart of Culverstons is a dedicated team of UK and European Patent Attorneys, Design Attorneys, Trade Mark Specialists, Intellectual Property Barristers and Intellectual Property Consultants. The Culverstons team has a wealth of experience having founded start-ups themselves and having worked for a diverse range of organisations, both as clients and as in-house counsel, including well-known international corporations, small and medium sized companies and entrepreneurs.
Culverstons works with companies to generate an intellectual property strategy which is aligned to their commercial goals. We help companies protect their key innovations and brands through appropriate intellectual property rights, and create robust agreements to enable revenue streams to be developed through licensing.
Culverstons wealth of experience and expertise can establish a commercial advantage by developing an effective and affordable Intellectual Property strategy. Through proper protection of technologies, designs and brands, competitors can be prevented, or at least significantly delayed, from copying and licensing agreements can be established enabling companies to generate the maximum revenue from the market.
Dr. Leslie Prichard
Dr. Leslie PrichardFounder of Culverstons
Leslie is a UK Chartered Patent Attorney, a European Patent Attorney and a European Design Attorney with extensive international experience over 18 years.
Often the best way forward is a telephone meeting to discuss the issues with you and to consider your options. We would be delighted to arrange an initial discussion without any charge or obligation.
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